Socialism - Just a hop, skip and a jump?

August 10, 2009 - Socialism - Just a hop, skip and a jump?

Crap, I really hate to say this but maybe republicans are right, maybe we're on our way to socialism? Recently I initiated a conversation among those interested to discuss what the next form of government looks like and acts. Lets be honest, the US runs a fine line between democracy and many things in between. Our corporations are in our government and our government is in our corporations. We pay taxes for programs that support, generally, those less fortune than who are paying taxes though other than that and our so called 'War on fill-in-the-blank', are we honestly getting our monies worth? Like myself, you and probably your kids just paid a fortune for a auto giant that, and mark my words, will never be worth the money paid for it. Do we get an affordable car? No, we just shelled out more money for a discount for a few people if they trade up to a new car.

The theory still remains; if we want to help our government along and enhance our way of life we must deal with the corporations holding us back. Here's an example, these 'Cash for Clunkers' aren't really as good as it seems. It’s not hard to figure that over eighty-percent of those people purchasing cars are on credit. Is credit good for the bottom line, No! If the economy doesn't steadily pickup and keep going at least half of those cars purchased will be in danger of repossession in the next two years. Where does that leave those banks holding the loans? It is an effort to stimulate the economy, though the majority of the money being injected is credit, something that is well fucking understated in Jack Hidary's article on CNN.

I don't mean to seem so cynical in relation to all of this however I have to remain skeptic. We say we want out of a recession though so many people fight over how and why. Inevitably something’s that would really make a difference are so impossible to change because corporations have bought so many people. Let me be clear, I’m happy to live in this country most of the time; we have it so fucking easy, really! If it weren't for the corporations clogging up or democracy we'd all have for be a lot more active in the laws made. These days we get to sit back, watch a stupid commercial, some corporation will sign a check, the bill in question is adjusted and without fail a few thousand unsuspecting tools will get fucked sideways. You in the meantime will never know what happened and most of the time you won’t have to care.

Beyond the obvious I don't know how to fix these problems, there are good people in this country that are honestly fighting for our interests but they are far from a majority and often confused by how big the picture truly is. This whole Healthcare thing is out of control, almost completely. Those who have made the bill are failing to really put the plain picture out there. This is a bill will build a commission to oversee the subsidized HEALTH INSURACE for those people and companies without it. It allows private insurance companies to still service the claims and make money though it helps most middle class citizens afford it in general. Then for the Democracy, it has three different levels of care you can choose to pay for.

On the one side it’s providing a service that many really need; on the other side we’re even further entangling government and corporation. Is it socialism of healthcare? Not truly, it seems more like, two-parts Capitalism, one-part Socialism, and one-part Democracy. We’re labeling something that is all of the above and there is so much misinformation out there we’re just arguing!

In the end we’re still running the gauntlet; bouncing between Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy. Can you blame us? Its life, we’re figuring it out as we go and no one has left us instructions on how to build the most ideal government to support a constantly growing population like the world or the human race has ever seen. In the mean time it’s up to us as individuals to be reminded of how difficult this process is. Also to ignore the TV commercial and read about the issue at hand, even if it seems like a daunting task. Truly the only way for us to live in the world we want is to take control of it.


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