Open Letter to YouTubers

June 09, 2009 - Open Letter to YouTubers

Hey YouFucker! You just made a video; congrats you’re a fucking artist. Woot. But wait, just before you go posting your amazing shit online take a moment to think about it. Did you put a title in your video? Did you put some ‘thanx’ for your ass crack friends being retarded or you cute ‘n cuddly whatever-tha-fuck-pet? Great, I think there could be something missing though. I mean you put a great fucking song in your video right? It’s that one you really think is quite snappy with that bullshit going on in those stupid moving pictures. Still clueless? I’m not surprised. You forgot to credit the fucking artist performing and title of the god damn song..

Oh My Fuck, I’m getting a bit tired of so many morons in the world putting their shitty video up online and thanking every asshole in the world for the crap content though amazingly forget to credit those making you video worth a shit. I mean you took the time to create a stupid looking title screen with some artsy-ass font you managed to download, but you didn’t the artist?!

Think for a second dick-brain, those musical melodies are actually complied by people who are probably trying to make a living at it. Aww-hell, not to mention the fact someone wasting their life viewing your moronic moments will probably like the music more than your video and wants to know who the fuck it is.

Get with the program you hapless monkey.

That is all.


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