pickup - part 1

March 10, 2009 - pickup - part 1

Hi there, glad to finally meet you
It's been too long
maybe you have a minute?
.. just thinking we should get together sometime
hangout, talk, just
.. exist in the same place
whilst I dream of drinking the pleasure from your lips
excuse me, I'm not normally so excitable like this
its just this being
being in your presence I find a void
this void, didn't exist until I just met you
.. maybe we can meet up, soon
.. and find someplace to
find ourselves in love and talk though..
.. these feelings I'm pressed to express to you
you'll express such things back, our words twist and wrap around each other
as would the endless ring of love I would put on your finger
.. if only i could find the end
i'm getting ahead of myself though
we should just go for a drive and let our conversation ride
..ride on a sea of rolling blacktop
we'll look at the road ahead, letting the sun reflect upon a warm asphalt as we reflect on where the future will take us like these dueling cars that pass on this two-lane highway
.. my life is yours

but for now... I was just wondering if you want to grab a cup of coffee?

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