December 17, 2008 - MISSION

I want to self-destruct so bad!

When I wake up the world is so new and bright. When i fall asleep I'm tired of it, hoping it destroys itself before I can find a match for this wick. Freedom; from a few drinks and friends, then I awake. Am I living exceptions of being 4 years old, dreams lost to a father? I'm driven by something I have yet to explain that simply says -Go. I want to drill those who stand in my way into the ground, so others know I mean business. Although the words I speak are erratically different.

Social mechanisms are draining though necessary. I found enjoyment from patience tonight and fondness for a group I miss.

Happiness isn't where I expect it, sometimes hidden under strange things; imagining my life imploding in my dreams.

I've written more in my mind then I've ever put on paper.

No bother, i'll awake to distract myself so not to be consumed by my slow drowning.

I may be considered crazy by many, though I am your conscious.

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