Billigorent; The word to describe Bill Maher's 'Religulous'

November 20, 2008 - Billigorent; The word to describe Bill Maher's 'Religulous'

I'd like to consider myself pretty open and not easily offended by content and that's exactly the audience Bill Maher was going after with 'Religulous'. I tagged along with some friends and went to see the movie a few nights ago partially because I was curious after hearing good things from friends and reading a few bits about it. For the first half hour or so I was entertained and enjoying myself, though that might have been the beer. He goes the length to really try and speak with people all over the world about religion and find some compass within it as a whole, though eventually the compass explodes.

Maher ends up with a film that's simply misguided and trife. I can easily admit that people take religion to far as humans have been known to for thousands of years. Many of those who chose to talk with Maher on camera try to make a positive stance towards their belief have little to go on, though Maher seemingly doesn't provide much of a argument the other way either. The editing cuts back and fourth so quick, over what I'm sure is hundreds of hours of film that was gathered, there is no time to really build a real architecture to his journey. Those given the most time on camera, beyond Maher, end up just being the punch line at which point the film rushes towards another gag.

In the end as far as documentaries go, this is one in the vain of Scary Movie, its got plenty of funny moments though as a movie it generally sucks beyond just being entertaining. And honestly Religulous left me thinking that Bill Maher is a bit full of his Atheism poising himself as wiser or above many of those he interviewed. Tragically though justly Religulous is probably funniest to Maher's biggest fan, himself.


"Where did you go with my Religion, that's mine!"

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