A matter of fact?

October 04, 2008 - A matter of fact?

I can't seem to understand the state of America, I'll have to include myself in this when I say that we've all slowly dug our own hole. Socially and economically, few have a real understanding of reality or care to acknowledge what it takes to co-exist. Granted we are only here to evolve, though why does it appear that humanity is so beat to shit? We elect this laughable characters as 'leaders' and their supposed to represent a nation of people more complex than astrophysics?

I have massive respect for what the former leaders of the past which founded our America and as long as the greater half are left to think we're 'free' maybe we're doing fine. From my position it will be a long time before any faith in these 'United States' is restored. So for those not keeping track (heh, i can't count that high), heres the brake down....

650 - Defense/Aid/Multi-agencie budget through April 2009 - S.3001 (Approved in Sept 08, Iraq and Afgan wars not incl.)
850 - Bailout - H.R.1424 (aka, Wall Street Socialism Act of 2008,Approved Oct 08, a few million for a race track? included!)
85 - AIG Loan
60 - Freddie and Fannie

$1,645,000,000,000+ THATS ONE-THOUSAND SIX-HUNDRED BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS YOU FUCK HOLES.. OH MY- HOW IN THE FUCK?! If anyone actually believes that bill approved yesterday was a 'good' idea, heres another good idea. Go get $100 in one dollar bills and some Jam (of your choice), I'll wait....

...Now put some jam all over that $100 and eat it. Oh, sorry I don't want to be a jerk... a couple slices of bread might help. Choke on that shit, Please! If someone would like to take on my 'good idea', I'm happy to cover the postage of sending the post-processed matter to Congress. Yes, with Love!


"Excuse me, where can I find depression?"

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