Socialism served up cold then set on fire

September 24, 2008 - Socialism served up cold then set on fire

So I took a bit this morning to watch a little of the House Financial Services Committee BBQ of the bailout plan which actually restored a glimmer of my hope in American politics. It appears the over-all feeling is that few think the tax payer should be responsible to bear the brunt of this proposed tossing of 700bn into the wind to see if or how it flies.

I can only hope that the seriousness of this issue will come to unite more of America and start to see the wrong-doings of the current administration over the past 8 years. This is one of the brightest times to get people together working as one. My small glimmer still has a monumental chance to be crushed by means that only politicians know how if they do approve this 700bn farce.

Even with the changes they are proposing this is the further creation of socialism. The man, Ron Paul spoke at HFSC hearing and called that which it what it truly resembles. When you keep things at their inflated price and don't let things find their natural order your simply price fixing and providing band-aids.

Lastly I want to mention how fucked McCain is for continuing to support HP's former CEO which left with a 40 million dollar package when leaving the company after 20,000 people lost jobs. Eat shit sir!

FOLLOW UP : I'm thought I would add some video from the Senate and REP. Peter DeFazio's comments on the bailout.


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