One step closer as we take another step back

September 22, 2008 - One step closer as we take another step back

I'm not sure what scares me more lately, the complete and utter lying that continues to take place amongst the mud slinging that seems to encompass the election (the utter joke of a VP McCain picked is something else), or the leaps and bounds of some peoples efforts that bring us closer to all being tracked.

I find myself feeling a bit perplexed and confused as to why a company, thus the people behind it, have devolved to treat the people close to them and themselves like a bag of potato chips. There seems to be a complete lack of empathetic-association between even those people closely joined in society. This because they contribute to a system that allows the tracking of fellow humans like crude animals, is in my opinion is akin to cruelty. The justification might be for the greater good, however, the long term mental defects of a person being constantly tracked seems absolutely cruel. And that is just brushing the sub-moral surface.

Our government is turning back the clock on its people like few seem to comprehend, even with the repetitive motion it has maintained. As it stands with the pending or possible collapse of our economy we soon could be living in a very real socialist society. You must put aside your wall of ‘why-oh-why/not-my-government’ theory and just understand the government has for the longest time been building its case against the majority. For the reality of all is, it matters not who becomes elected at this point, though how long (if ever) it will take for these perversions of government to be corrected.

Many societies have failed long before us and they will continue to. Some theorized that those as well have been quite advanced for their time and the same comparison can be made for us. Just because our existence appears to run in a linear path and just because you can pause your world with the click of a remote, does not mean we will not repeat the past. Our existence and lives are subject to patterns just like those of protons. As a comparison it’s just like the earth orbiting the sun, we are all apart of this system; systems usually start and end in the same place.

Well I’ll leave those deeper thoughts behind for now. Here is our present; those who cried that providing health care for all Americans is like socialism should now be mute (if not, this is a chance to tell them to SHUT THE FUCK UP!) as those in power have done us one far worse. By now controlling the majority of the avenues upon which the value of the dollar is based we will effectively exist in a very faux monetary reality. The fear and subsequent manipulation Americans felt in 2001 after the events surrounding the WTC has been continued by the government and perpetuated by the media. The point is that the same psychological tactics where used with regard to the recent financial events.

As our sudo-democracy continues to degrade, I only build with the hope that this entire system comes crashing down. It must be understood that those in power will do anything possible to remain in there and the majority must swiftly come to understand what it will take to correct the issues at hand. At some point the government MUST be reminded to fear its people!


"On a lighter note…"


“On a lighter note…”

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