Hope you like Democrats Denver...

August 27, 2008 - Hope you like Democrats Denver...

It really doesn't matter if you like Democrats or not, the fact is we need anything but another right-wing cabinet in power. We have come up with Buddy McCain t-shirts to help express our opinion on this matter. Someone asked why we don't have Obama in there as well, and well, we just ran out of time.

The DNC is officially kicking ass in Denver and all I can say is hell yeah. There is so much going on its really too much for any one person or even the media to cover. Fortunately the corporate media are sucking as they usually do, leaving most independent press to do the real reporting.

My favorite item that I've seen so far is a group of protesters that obviously don't know how to get their message out. Okay, I'm kidding they totally did, Fox News is just a complete tool shed!

Second on my list is the Rage Against The Machine show that took place earlier today, followed by a march to Downtown. There is a Photo Gallery with what photos we have from the DNC.

I will be back shortly with comentary on this massive push on Health Care for America and my two cents on this whole DNC business.


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