Kind of Folky

August 09, 2008 - Kind of Folky

Iíve always been after music and there are those certain times that Iím happy to roll into a great new band or two that can be thoroughly enjoyed. On a recent trip to San Francisco and even just prior, I found myself virtually surrounded by plenty of great new bands. What stands out from this recent experience is the close relationship to folk that all of the bands seemed to have.

These two weeks of music was started off by A Weather and Thao Ngyuen with The Get Down Stay Down. I was surprised at how much I liked A Weather as they have a much mellower tone to what I generally go for, though they fondly whispered their way into my collection. Thao caught me originally in Chicago with their video for Bag of Hammers. What stands out about Thao is not only her voice though how well the collection of sounds she blends with each song as if she some how found the way to draw a smiley face on your soul.

If youíre into that classic rockabilly style then Iíd have to recommend Tippy Canoe and The Paddlemen. I originally was expecting to miss them as the opening band when I went to see Kemo Sabe, though after watching the last half of their set I was sold. Weíre not just talking about a beautiful girl playing a ukulele; this outfit has that and everything you want when youíre sipping a martini in your wingtips.

Kemo Sabe threw themselves out there, literately, and delivered what I was hoping for including an entertaining show. Iím not sure how long these guys have been around though in my opinion this folk-punk, punk-grass band is ready to have a full length album. If youíre a fan of that fast plucking, high-energy mandolin you need to check them out. Hopefully these guys get in the studio soon.

Lastly if youíre ready for some new west coast punk I shall mention Cobra Skulls, though I wasnít able to make it to their show I picked up their album for a listen. Brandishing a logo like their straight out of the G.I. Joe series, their album is as consistent as putting Ďcobraí in the name of each song. I can only describe their sound as a punkabilly band being bit by the fangs of Against Me!, if they have any I donít know. Either way their album is thorough and full of energy.

Well enjoy. Iíll be back soon enough cracking my whip at those silly politicians and media.


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