Special Comment: Beautiful Losers

5/24/2008 - Special Comment: Beautiful Losers

Inspirational; Invaluable; Life as/is Art:Art is/as Life .

Inspirational… Was the response after I sent the web site/trailer to a friend who was visiting the day of the films seemingly final showing in Denver knowing she would likely be interested in seeing it. I was informed of the film though a friends who are themselves very active in the local art community and whom I have a lot of respect for, so often their recommendations come with a certain weight; I was almost instantly posed to see the film.

The visual, being all of the art within the film, was enough to create a capturing film itself was only multiplied by the interviews of the artists’ themselves.

It felt like a treat to sit and watch such candid interviews cut with the rich visuals of their worlds. And by treat I mean it’s like that gram cracker that you looked forward to every afternoon in Kindergarten; something that had its time and place though inevitably left you with a fond memory and warm feeling when you sometimes take the first bite of a cracker many years later. Although few in the world are provided such opportunity to live on unformulated inspiration it is never that far from any of us. You can easily find a plot in the film though one isn’t quite necessary, it’s truly something to let yourself be apart of and find the spot where your personal artist lives inside yourself.

Every experience you live, often the ones you rarely notice at the time, has the ability to cast an impression within the malleable receptors in your head. Whether my experience of watching this film is one of those or not, this film itself has its way of providing that sense to the viewer in a way a certain place has its ‘smell’.

Nearing the films end I could only think that I wish others have the opportunity to watch and experience the lives of the artists and film makers involved. My only exception to that hope, is that if picked up for distribution, it is by a company that understands the ability of the film and not simply abuses it for financial gain, for money has no real value when compared to the timelessness within the beauty of Art!

- Hap

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