Worst Evil; Part Two – Finding a new bearing

4/18/2008 - Worst Evil; Part Two – Finding a new bearing

NOTE: This article was written a week before Tim Robbins made his speech to the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters). For reasons of similarity I decided to mention this. If you have not yet heard what he said to some of the most influential people of our era, I highly suggest listening it. AS controversial as some might play this to be, its only that for those with little insight, emotion, and connection to the World around us.  Listen!

So previously I discussed a significant culprit of the coming fiscal crunch which is posed to continue over the ladder part of the decade, Big Oil (Seven Sisters) that is. For those who might not agree with my perspective, I only ask that you stop listening to Bill O’Reily and find other sources of actually valid information.

The implications that have already presented themselves of how far reaching the effects of this economic tornado are. In a previous article “A penny ain't shit”, I was partially in jest of general possibilities to come, however. As curiously humorous as it might have been, the realities one might face in the near future will far outweigh those which are a result of what is not being given its fair weight of the present time.

What bothers me the most is how so much is at steak and how little room there is to turn this around at the moment. The laughable stimulus package that will soon be rolled out might have been better spent bricking up any possible vent/exit of the White House and gassing the place. Worse really is how this will only exponentially grow the gab between the middle and upper class Americans, which can only increasingly fold faster in on itself. I feel fortunate everyday to be able to have what I’m able to maintain and wonder if it could come to a point where I’m housing additional family members.

If this downturn continues at the current rate without being swayed its more certain than not where we’ll find ourselves by the time we are looking back on our newly elected Presidents first year in office. Even closer though, I can’t seem to fathom the next 9 months with the current administration and what may come. Thinking about what the Administration has managed to do thus far, though they continue to awe the masses with their endless arrogance and stupidity.

I remember being in Military school and having a battalion staff that I and many couldn’t stand. For those not familiar with the military command structure, the battalion staff is basically what the White House is to America. Corp moral over-all seemed low, our yearly inspection was poor and it was like the year just wouldn’t end.

I can’t stress enough what is required by every person out there, action! Take action against the Oil companies and more so action to protect not just you though your neighbor.

There is one primary, far-reaching outlet that could impact and start to have immediate effect on helping this global tidal wave of shit-economics that the fascist’s of the Bush Family and Administration employ; ready to sink that which was almost thought unsinkable for so long. The Media; what gets me is that while the media bickers over what a Presidential candidate misquoted themselves as to saying, they are saying little to really clue folks in regarding a coming economic crunch. I’m not talking a method to create panic or hopelessness, though simply awareness. Yes, we Know what could happen and what IS happening, its surely visible to most. Easily, its what little each one of us can start doing to help clean up the post financial-ejaculatory mess that has been created.

Thankfully where MSNBC fails, our crack team of experts and resources here at FuckTheMedia.org come through. The Mothafuckin’ Push Broom presents the 2008 List of Post-Fiscal-Copulation, Financial Awareness Tips to keep you going; (LPFC-FAT)

  1. DRIVE LESS!! It’s been preached for years now, for many reasons, though the many just scoff and go about their seemingly civically unaware duties of fucking them and their neighbors in their preverbal ass. Truly, each and every person in this country should cut back on their driving. Spring is here; summer around the corner there are bikes, scooters and many other types of transportation that use less fuel even when you do travel.

  2. Conserve spending; reduce your output by revisiting how you spend your money on a weekly basis. Account for as much as possible, simply changing one thing may have a dramatic effect on how much is spent over-all, one week of wise/careful spending can echo months later. This might just include buying a different brand or eating the same cheap meal twice in one week.

  3. Act locally; its critical in times of economic short-fall to be aware of where your money travels, yes the big stores –may- save you money, however the majority of the money spent there will travel outside of the towns economy. This includes every type of store you can think of, if you can save on the electronic item of choice which is the maximum of your budget for that item, maybe you shouldn’t even be buying it.

Gas is a huge point as well, the ‘mom and pop’ gas stations can usually be cheaper, though if not you should think about where that money goes. Also don’t think for a second, if it is more expensive, they are making billions, the gas stations are the retailers of this frustrating commodity, they are usually the ones getting the raw side of the deal like the consumer.

  4. Tha 411 (Stay Informed); this can be done by many ways, and so easily. Just be aware of your environment and keep up with people, support your fellow human by staying in touch. Reading as well, there are hundreds of books out there that can help you with financial management tips. Ever think about growing a little something? Read up on it.

  5. Cash-Money, Yo; in the electronic-spending whirl-wind people are out to keep things easy, though easy costs EVERYONE something. Just because your favorite little restaurant takes a credit or debit card doesn’t mean it’s good for business. They are charged fee’s for running that card which can eventually take a toll. Do you own a business? Think about going cash-only or implementing a higher minimum for credit card transactions. That per-transaction charge adds up!

Also when things to get tough it’s never a bad idea to have a few bucks ready to lend you a hand. Though having cash doesn’t mean you have to spend it.

These are even just a few of the messages of which our media should be speaking; negotiating the masses towards a safe return to economic stability. It’s really within the media’s interest to help the situation; if economic stability continues to suffer their corporate economy will suffer as well. It’s quite obvious that gas prices are going no where but up, however if one can lend a hand to their neighbor and just repeat the message it will start to have an affect.

Until the media or whomever starts changing its worth being an innovator in your own life, just take a different approach to something so menial.


“I give nothing and take twice as much. So?!” – Wal-bush-eney

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