Worst Evil in the World

4/15/2008 - Worst Evil in the World

The worst evil in the World

Attributed from the many articles Iíve read over the past few weeks and largely the past few days, the countless conversations held with friends and just the general topic of conversation among others, Iím growingly uneasy. I would figure the majority of the population can attribute the current state/mess we are in to no more than one thing Oil. Fear not, this is far from another fucking rant on Oil, though it does stem from the subject.

At the present moment we have prices raising on any given number of subsidies that are circuital to the masses, though not just in America, abroad as well. Multiple industries are in a state of turmoil and will continue to be only assisted by the other economic deflations, even if just in slight. I can generally only find oil as the common source directly or increasingly indirectly affecting this continual downturn. Everything adds up. Iíll give you a few minutes to do some analysis of your own.

Ö (you should be thinking) Ö

So yes, its Oil specifically Big Oil (Seven Sisters), the powers that control it; this matter on so many levels will continue to hammer at the foundation of the Worlds crumbling stability. Iím not just going to run crying about America, this is and will continue to affect the entire World. Just by packing on a buck a day to the price of oil it might not just be a family in a third world country thatís having trouble affording dinner; simply a small bag of rice which costs less then a dime. Soon this might just be you and/or your family! If you donít see yourself some how equal to someone dropping ten cents for a small bag of rice, well you might want to take a minute and step of your train of self-involvement then catch a whiff of wake-the-fuck-up.

If itís not already it will start and continue to suffer at the hands of the few that control the worlds giant oil companies. I spent sometime weighing the various wars, hate and other disgusting aspects of human nature and how they currently attribute, though found no one more deserving of being the absolute worst. Iím speaking of the big wigs that sit on the boards of such Oil giants as ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, and ConocoPhillips and these persons do absolutely nothing for their fellow humans. I can only think this is because they are not human, far from the relation of evolution that we all share. It sickens.

It goes so much further then even just the US based companies, fathom who is fourth of the worlds largest oil companies. Then ask yourself who Bush is so eager to invade. The company is NIOC, nationally owned by Iran. I will not continue from here, just use the imagination inside your head to do the leg work.

Stay TunedÖ

Next week check back for my continuation of where to direct blame, though more importantly who should be doing what and also a 2008 Special Edition List from the Mothafuckiní Push Broom!


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