A penny ain't shit

March 04, 2008 - A penny ain't shit

Some might imagine their future as unsettled, though that may be, there are many proposals of which the masses future would like to be contained. On this verge of what we’ll call an ‘economic reevaluation’, there are a certain number of factors which one should be concerned. Most obvious we have the coming circus of an election at which point we will seemingly decide on a new party to provide a link pathway for a stable future. Whether or not they are a capable party to support this countries people will not be seen until years after they are elected. However, we must never focus too much on distant possibility.

Although there plenty of new distractions and attacks against ones personal freedoms one must not forget those previous considerations. With the incredible number of massive write-downs many financial mega-corporations, have been posting will inevitably, if not already starting to, find its way into every persons wallet. I’ll be sure to mention Fannie Mae, CitiGroup, and Morgan-Stanley, just as a few getting a kick in the ‘bean-sack’ (rhymes with greenback).

As uneasy as that might be it’s a fact that it will affect us all for at some period of time. What I would like to draw attention to is the particular marketing possibility the variable ‘kick’ will provide for something that you might have heard mentioned in some form or another since late November 2006. The Amero is said to be the culmination of currencies between the US, Mexico and Canada, which was introduced in the closed door signing of the Military Commissions Act by the shit-master Bush. Whether you have heard of it or whether you believe in its ability to exist in the near future one must always consider what the possibilities are.

Providing the US economy and its currency are in decline, with a steady recession creates an ideal situation to introduce to its people a new currency. This currency, the Amero, which will be marketed and ‘guaranteed’ to bring the needed upswing to a sobering economic situation. Simply, when you place a country in a economically, military, or politically vulnerable position you open up the possibility to push upon or the ability to persuade its people to take on a normally unthinkable set of changes. Oh, well I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about the 11th of September in 2001.


“Why should you try to find meaning in a dollar when you could try to find meaning in ten?” – Buck Sawski

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