Oh where art thou year has gone

December 31, 2004 05:57PM - Oh where art thou year has gone

Well I figure as long as I make it to the door and the Supersuckers show up, they'll fucking kick start in 2005. I'm waiting for this show to kick me in the nuts and rock me til I pass out. I will do my part to post pictures and my summary of what goes down.

To review, this past year didn't start off great, but wow did it take a nose dive towards the end. My girlfriend of 4 years really helped that out. GW Bush is still in office. The media is still fucked and I'm probably not getting any post-breakup sex. On the good side of things, is I should have a house soon and things are looking good for the race season.

To throw my opinion of some of the current events and the response of our government out there, I can say I wouldn't mind peeing on W's face. To add to the body count this year, nature has seen it necessary to control the population and its growth in a massive way this past week. I feel for those people and what they are going through, on the other hand our government seems to care less. First it was $35 million and now its $350 million in aid. Fuck man, the last powerball in Colorado was half of that. Just think of our government as that grandma that still thinks $5 is a lot and your just turned 18. Its just depressing. I will give them a little credit for getting the ball rolling with $200 million in aid for Sudan.

Til the New Year.. -Hap

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