Do the holidays suck?

December 22, 2004 03:41PM - Do the holidays suck?

Well, the rally didn't go great, but it went, we had fun and we actually finished. The story is quite long and I've never seen quite so many problems come up and still be able to finish a race. Some pictures are at 40/40 Racing.

Ahh yes, the holidays. Food, family, gifts and such things. Sometimes I wish I could have a better demeanor toward the holidays, although it seems there is always something to get in the way. Money, relationships, family, or just people in general. I've never really been a people person, though I like to think I try. For most people I think once Santa was out of the picture, it was all downhill from there (so it seems).

Shopping for one just really isn't my thing and when you put a few hundred people more than usual in a store, things just turn to chaos. So if that doesn't get you down and you aren't rolling in money you have to compete with the little money you make and buying these gifts for people. All of these extravagant things that your brother, sister or girlfriend wants for Christmas. If your not competing with what they are telling you to buy them, your competing with all of the ridiculous TV, magazines, newspaper and other ads telling you to buy their shit for someone else.

If you happened to read my previous post and your still dedicated to the idea of getting a 'real' gift then you might think about this; everyday items. Let me give you an example, people bitch all of the time about having to buy this and that thing when they go to the store. Toilet paper comes to mind. I can't imagine that anyone would be upset if they unwrapped a stack for 72 rolls of toilet paper. You'll eventually need it and you bound to get a few "ooo's" and "aaahhh's" when you show up with a gift of that size.

So to not just be another lame holiday rant, I thought I'd mention a new magazine that a friend mentioned while we were on the road. The publication is called 'The Week'. Its a compilation of news articles of prominent issues from around the globe. I haven't received the first issue in my subscription, but from the looks of their web site it will contain some good information. If you happen to visit their site when be sure and checkout the lower half and pay attention to 'Good Week For' and 'Bad Week For', they gave me a chuckle.

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