Free your phone!

November 30, 2004 02:36PM - Free your phone!

Well I said it wasn't over, though things are certianlly turning around. This morning I figured I'd try putting the new SIM card in my Nokia 6800, after powering it on I realized the phone was of course locked. So after 10 minutes of Googling I finally found some useful information. After the simple process my Nokia was unlocked, the Cingular SIM card installed and working on their network. So I don't have BlueTooth, but I can survive. I think with buying a new house I can find a better use for $160! Ah, the Internet is beautiful.

This is far from over though, tonight we return my phone and exchange the other Motorola crap for cheaper, better Nokia. To boot, shortly I will be calling Cingular and discussing their $20 upgrade fee.

Cingular 4 / Hap 1

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