Dateline NBC: Take 60 Minutes and suck it down!

June 30, 2001 - Dateline NBC: Take 60 Minutes and suck it down!

I'd rather not rant about the news magazines on TV. If your at this web site you should know the kind of shit they feed the public. What more should be said about them? I could waste my time getting pissed off about the 'stories' they do and what they uncover in our hostial nation.

Thats just not worth my time. What I will bring up is the credit that these shows get for actually providing the 'truth' and quality reporting. These shows say they produce human interest stories. It's not that they have incorrect information, its how they report the information. It's not just the about shady business practices they report on, its the media trying to 'inform' parents about drugs and things that they're kids might possibly be doing. As much as some parents turn to the TV do they're parenting for them, parents believe that the media is right too often. Though its the same with many people, not just parents. As the general world becomes bussier for some people, they are the ones turning to the first and easiest place to get information.

Once obtaining this half twisted truth about from , you might feel more informed. Feeling more informed you want to discuss this information or worse yet, apply this to your everyday life.

Where is the problem? Influance, often the problem is that people don't realize it, though the opinions and information gathered from these shows effect they're decisions more than they think. Unfortunatly this just leads to further hindering of the more formatible truths about the topic.

It's everyday your influanced by hundreds of advertisments and products. A news magizine is just another product for corporations to push. The more product pushed the more money that is made. It's just another corperate circle jerk.

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