Review: Motorola V551

November 29, 2004 - Review: Motorola V551

I like the style and the phone is comfortable to talk on, weight is average, it has a great camera, and a good speaker phone.

I really thought I'd like this phone but at this point all I think is 'at least it hasn't blown up'.

I've read plenty of good reviews about this phone, so I guess I must be missing something. This is my first Motorola phone so maybe i'm expecting too much.

-General Operation: The phone is just slow most of the time. The menus are stupid and its hard to find stuff.

-Address Book: Yikes does this thing suck. You can't make notes or attach multiple numbers to one name. It also asks you for too much information to begin with.

-Internet Browser: Where are the options? Bookmarks are great, but I can't turn off images to save data transfer or adjust the text size.

-Photo Browser: Slow, it takes it nearly a second to show a thumbnail.

-Notepad: Is this a joke? Seriously what is it supposed to do?

-Games: Oh, there are none, thanks. (THE DEMO DOESN'T COUNT)

-Camera: This is probably one of its best features, although you can't just click and take a photo. After you click store, you then have to tell it what you want to do with the photo.

-Main Menu: I thought it was a good idea until I realized you can't customize what appears on it. Do I really need 'Media Mall'? I would figure this is Cingulars fault.

-Battery Life: eh, again it sucks. (I could keep going but the thing just died).

So if you want a camera phone, you've only had Motorola phones, or this is your first phone you'll probably like it. Otherwise keep browsing.

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